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Since 2009, the Bat City Bombshells have evolved from a handful of hobbyist dancers to a large troupe of dedicated burlesque babes, honing their shimmy, shake and tassel twirling talents.

These Bombshells are all about variety both in terms of acts and performers and every Bat City Bombshells show runs the gamut from sexy and scintillating to humorous and daring, a tribute to burlesque’s roots.

Awarded “Best Group Routine” at the San Antonio Burlesque Festival, the Bat City Bombshells have traveled throughout the region, performing in the Texas Burlesque Fest, Dallas Burlesque Fest, and Oklahoma Burlesque Fest, just to name a few. Individual Bombshells have even graced international stages, including Dolce Dream’s rendezvous with the New Zealand Burlesque Festival!

Nina Josephine

Sugar Louise

Shell Shock

Holli Lolli

Kitty Sangria

Jay Bird

7th Annual Anti-Valentine's Day Show

​Join the Bat City Bombshells as we celebrate our troupe's Birthday, and open our performance season!

Get ready for a delicious treat as these Bombshells sweep you off your feet! This year, we'll be your Valentine's!

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Jen N' Toxic

6th Annual Tits-or-Treats Show!

Oct. 25th 2014

October 25, 2014, Speakeasy was filled with the sexiest ghouls and girls for the 6th Annual Tits-or-Treats Burlesque Show. The crowd was well lubricated with a drink special “Bat City Titty Tea.” Joining the fabulous bombshells was the side show performer Juan Martinez who performed “scary” acts of sword swallowing and also became a “human blockhead”.

The burlesque kicked off with the sexiest witches around performing “Coven”, a number from American Horror Story…the cauldron was definitely hot. Pixie Stick started as a skeleton but later revealed some of her more curvy body parts. As sexy leopard named, Holli Pop, scratched her way out of her costume and in to every heart in the place.

A masked Dolce Dream showed the crowd the “Strange Face of Love” and her cute butt. And then, the Angel of Death descended upon the crowd in the form of Sherry Bomb, her giant black wings fluttering away.  Wielding their suitcases filled with naughty goodies, three sexy flight attendants, Sugar Louise, Shell Shock and Nina Josephine made everyone want to join the Mile High Club with them.

After a riveting intermission performance by Juan Martinez, the legendary emcee, Miss Calizoria, entertained the crowd with her “What about Debbie” number. Not to be left out of a Halloween Show, Freddy Kruger, appeared as Jen N' Toxic, a hip hop tribute to the scary character.  

A strange box appeared on stage? Oh, a Genie, or more particularly, I Dream of Jeanie, Shell Shock rocked it out to a hip hop version of the theme song. The show took a softer turn as Nina Josephine did a lovely fan dance to iconic opera music.

The show headed for the border for a “Day of the Dead” Mexican celebration with Kitty Sangria bringing the sexy with her hot guitar man, J-Bird, providing the accompaniment.

The Costume Contest was a very close contest of many awesome, sexy and original costumes.The finale was a chair prop number “Death Threats” and some sexy saloon girls became “Zombiefied” by the Angel of Death….a fitting finale to a great show.

See more pictures from the show  HERE!