The Bat City Bombshells celebrated an important Austin holiday on April 17, 2015 at the Speakeasy on Congress with a “totally dope” show. Machete Western opened the show and even sported their own unique rock and roll version of Burlesque with a scantily “leather” clad lead singer. As the crowd sipped on the delicious and potent, “Bat City Titty Tea”, they were entertained with an all time favorite at City Bombshells favorite, “Pussy Marijuana”. The performers ended the number by rolling a giant joint made of their pussy tales.

The next number was the lovely Shell Shock and her feather fans celebrating a “Back Door Man”. Keeping completely in line with the theme, Kitty Sangria performed to “Reefer Man” as a sparkly showgirl, complete with a marijuana sparkling green headdress. Always the entertainer, Dolce Dream purposely fumbled through a showgirl gone clumsy number called “Not your Fault” She did manage to disrobe in her comedic style.

Dancing With Mary Jane Show!

Apr. 17, 2015

Jen N' Toxic

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Nina Josephine

Since 2009, the Bat City Bombshells have evolved from a handful of hobbyist dancers to a large troupe of dedicated burlesque babes, honing their shimmy, shake and tassel twirling talents.

These Bombshells are all about variety both in terms of acts and performers and every Bat City Bombshells show runs the gamut from sexy and scintillating to humorous and daring, a tribute to burlesque’s roots.

Awarded “Best Group Routine” at the San Antonio Burlesque Festival, the Bat City Bombshells have traveled throughout the region, performing in the Texas Burlesque Fest, Dallas Burlesque Fest, and Oklahoma Burlesque Fest, just to name a few. Individual Bombshells have even graced international stages, including Dolce Dream’s rendezvous with the New Zealand Burlesque Festival!

Dolce Dream

Sherry Bomb


Celebrating a recent recognition as an audience favorite at The Texas Burlesquefest, Holli Lolli did an encore performance of “Superstar” where she lovingly made out with a tree…just doing her part to save the Rainforest.  Next, three ladies of the evening, Sugar Louise, Shell Shock and Nina Josephine, gave a sultry performance, hanging on a bar and looking for a “Big Spender”.

The intermission was fun audience contest finding the best “Joint Rollers” in Austin

Sherry Bomb convinced the crowd that “Everybody Must Get Stoned” in a lovely flowing green gown that later revealed fabulous lingerie. Another “Sherry Bomb Creation” made the number special. Sugar Louise went back to the 60’s as a Day Tripper, a person not fully committed to the drug lifestyle. Yes, she is a BIG TEASER.  Nine Josephine “mellowed" the mood with a flowing interpretation of “Little Wing”. Kitty Sangria, Holli Lolli and Peach Demure showed what Burly Q sisterhood is all about with their number to Roll Two Joints.  The finale was another Bat City Bombshells Classic “Dope Show”, a thrilling circus including Dolce Dream, Sherry Bomb and newcomer, Lolita Lace.

After the show, the audience lined up for a “Spank and a Lei” Yes, a Lei made of “green leaves” The evening ended with the loud slaps of happy bottoms being spanked.  A fine way for everyone to celebrate the holiday.  

Jay Bird

Kitty Sangria

Holli Lolli

Shell Shock

Gypsy Daisy

The Bombshells

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