Roc Gaude

Showing you Heaven while rockin your underworld!

Roc Gaude grew up in a musical family – his uncle played trumpet for Doc Severinsen’s (Johnny Carson’s musical director) touring company, his father sang bass in the church choir – and spent many nights as a young godling singing rows and blending harmonies. He blames the vast array of musical styles he listened to on his current and extensive music collection. When he was not singing, he was deep-diving into geek culture – movies, tv, comic books, etc – which led to writing, performing and creating homemade costumes.

After moving to Texas, he continued pursuing his two passions and took any opportunity to perform in singing or costume contests. After some gentle(?) prodding from the Mistress of Musicality Coco Lectric, he started taking classes in burlesque at the Austin Academy of Burlesque, which led to performing in a number of shows around the state of Texas, including the inaugural Texas Metal Burlesque Festival, the Tenacious D Tribute show, Burlesque the Vote 2019, and the first Krampus Kristmas show. He also co-produced the Homes for the Holidays charity show, which benefited Accessible Housing Austin.
He frequently combines his loves of music, costuming, engineering know-how and geekdom to entertain his audiences. He is a member of the Austin Burlesque Alliance and the Bat City Bombshells. He just has one question for you – are you ready to rock?!