Stormy September

She took a DNA test and turns out she’s 70% monster and 30% the freak in your sheets

Stormy September grew up in Louisiana rich with Mardi Gras culture and Masquerade.  She was surrounded in antiquities and grew fond of the occult. Mesmerized by street buskers, drag, and performance art she seeked to reside in a community to support her artistic evolution and landed in Austin, Texas. She has a penchant for any and all forms or art and expression but is especially drawn to macabre, fx, avante garde and the grotesque. She began her dance study at Minx and Muse studio and attributes it to being her church in which she regularly worships. Her deepest desire is to make the audience uncomfortable, to spark provoking self inquiry; ultimately to offer inspiration to take up space and be self expressive. Stormy believes everyone is an artist in their own unique right and that no one needs permission.